Anushka - Prabhas got engaged today

Published Date : Oct 03, 2013,17:38:30
Anushka - Prabhas got engaged today

What we are talking about is the engagement scene between beautiful Anushka and handsome Prabhas for the upcoming movie Bahubali being directed by S S Rajamouli. Engagement scene between Prabhas and Anushka takes place in presence and blessings of co-stars, technicians which was canned today in presence of camera unit.

This big budget movie has got international standards is briskly progressing in shooting. This is the next big project of S S Rajamouli after Magadheera. Lets hope even this flick will do a great job. Sesh Adivi will be seen in a prominent role in the film along with yesteryear actress RamyaKrishna.

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